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Reviewing New Releases vs “Older” Books

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What should I review?

This is a question that’s been going through my mind lately, and I’ve seen some other bloggers talk about it too. It’s hard to chose what to review because, let’s face it, even when you want to put your opinion out there of how you feel about a certain book, you also want people to read and visit your blog, and reviewing or discussing a new and hyped book could get you that.


However, what if those overly hyped books aren’t at all what you like to read? Should you do a review of them just for the sake of visits? Maybe you’re just going through a re-reading stint ( I Get those a few times) and aren’t in the mood for new releases, or you just want to tackle a bit of your TBR and chose to read some of your older books? What then? Should you review them or just skip them all together?


I think that this is a very personal option, but in my case I would and I actually do review them, some I might post here others I might post on Goodreads but if I read them I would most likely do a review about them. I think that no matter how old or talked about a particular book is, someone out there might find your thoughts about it helpful. There’s always someone who hasn’t read it and is just looking to know what a book is about, if it’s worth their time or not.

I know that discussing an past release instead of a brand new one won’t get me quite as many visits or comments on my blog, but If I enjoyed a particular book I would want other people to enjoy it too, and the best way that I have now with blogging is posting what I felt while reading it, what I thought about it, and why I liked it or disliked it. I can always find some other ways to make people check out what my blog is about (discussions, tags, recommendations, anything ..) It’s only a matter of being a bit creative.


In the end it would depend on what you want to do and where you’re going with your content. As for myself, I don’t really put too much weight on the release date of a book or how much hype it has but instead to me it’s a matter of worth, so you will probably find comments, discussions, and reviews on my blog about books old and new, hyped or not just as long as they are of some interest to me as a reader.

I guess this is part of the reason why I don’t want to dabble on ARCs too much, I would feel pressured and stressed out, which it’s not what I’m looking for at all with my blog.

What about you? How do you chose what to review? Let me know in the comments all your thoughts about this particular topic.

As Always

Happy Reading



8 thoughts on “Reviewing New Releases vs “Older” Books

  1. I’ve reviewed a couple of ARCs recently because they were ones I was super excited about reading before publication date, but you’re right about it feeling a little pressured! After reading this post I’m definitely inclined to review a few of my older favourites too 🙂

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  2. This is a great discussion! I’ve noticed that since I’ve started blogging, all I read are pretty much newer releases or ARCs, which isn’t a bad thing, but I hate that I’m missing out on all these backlist books I was really excited to read! Hopefully, I can get to those backlist books someday! 😄

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  3. This is a constant problem of mine. I have SO many books on my literal TBR shelf that I currently own. I don’t want to be going out and buying every new release, or trying to get the ARCs for them, all the time. I want to read what I own. Some of them happen to be hyped new releases, but not many. And I almost always review the books I read, although I notice I get a lot more comments/views on the books that are hyped right now. When I’m searching for a book, I don’t care about the release date, although it’s always a good thing when I recognize the cover. But oh well, I won’t stop what I’m doing! My TBR isn’t going to read itself. 😀

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    1. Books with a lot of hyped, “New Books” mostly will get more views and comments but I feel the same way as you, I don’t mind this so much and there’s always someone that will benefit from our review even if it’s a new or an old book.


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