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Tier Ranking MM Romance Tropes..

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Hello Fellow Bookworms, How’s life? For me it’s been a crazy time, which accounts for my spotty posting schedule.. Sorry about that. You guys know how it is sometimes…

Anyway, I wanted to do something fun today.. No rantings in sight, just plain old fangirling..

So what is better than a Tier Ranking post?

I did one in the past and I know it’s not quite the same as when you watch it in real time, but alas,. it is what it is (I’m camera shy guys) I chose MM Romance this time around because I’m obsessed with it.. like literally, I have been reading so much of it that even I’m shocked..

But I didn’t want it to be a typical book I like whatnot kind of thing, so I picked 12 Tropes that are common in the genre and it all started there:

Plus, it’s also a great excuse to let you know that Tropeathon is coming back!!! I’ll give you all the details later, so stay tuned..

I know some tropes are general ones that overlap in every romance genre, but others are specific of  LGBT+ Romance, so let’s get to it:


The Tiers:

  • I will read anything with this trope not much explanation needed. It’s just as it says..

Tropes found in this category are Grumpy Sunshine, Enemies to lovers, Slow Burn and Gay For you.. I will read any book with these tropes and most likely love it.. It’s the refreshing sweet sunshine characters coaxing our grump, the steamy push and pull of an enemies to lovers dynamic and the be-all-end-all of loving someone just because it’s them that brings the Gay for you trope to the table .. I eat this up like candy..

Books I adore with these tropes:

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  • Love it! – I enjoy reading books with this trope in them.. but it’s not stalker level.. Which means that I enjoyed them a lot but on a normal level..

May December is a tricky one because of the power imbalance, but when it comes to MM it tends to be pretty good (or I have been lucky), Hurt Comfort is a heartwrenching rollercoaster ride and who doesn’t enjoy watching 2 people help each other through anything life throws at them and come out better for it? Bi-awakening is fun to read about because it’s relatable, there’s always something we are learning about ourselves and this is no exception.

Books with these tropes that I recommend:

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  • It could be Better/or Worse – Middle ground

This tier has those tropes that could be enjoyable but also not… It’s just stuck in the middle of a great read and an awful one… For me, these are Friends to lovers, First time Gay and Fated Mates… I have read quite a few books with these tropes  and they have been just okay for me… hence, stuck in the middle.

That’s not to say that it’s not possible to find the gems in the bunch (those that can rise up in the ranking). Those are my top recs..

Books I recommend:

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  • Execution is key – I don’t usually like the trope but there are exceptions when it’s done spectacularly well.

I don’t think I need to explain this one any further.. it’s a matter of how it’s done, mostly because I won’t be actively searching for books with these tropes… but if done well, I would enjoy them a lot.. MMM and Omegaverse fit in this slot.

Books that have been done spectacularly well:

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  • No way In Hell – Do I need to explain this one..?

I have a confession to make.. I haven’t read an Mpreg book like ever… However, I have read quite a few manga that have this particular trope (mostly Omegaverse) and although it is not something that I like, some have been fun to read — there are always exceptions to every rule… even if you dislike a theme..

Mangas that I recommend:

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Well, these are my ever changing rankings when it comes to MM romance. Hope you guys have fun diving into my crazy reading taste and don’t forget that I will be posting all about Tropeathon soon — It’s about Fantasy romance this round..hope you can join us..


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As Always

Happy Reading


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      1. I thought Mpreg might have been male pregnancy but I wasn’t sure. I’ve never read Mpreg and don’t think that that would be something I would enjoy. I will have to look into Omegaverse because I have read and enjoyed some shifter romances so I might enjoy that.

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