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April – TBR or No TBR


To TBR or Not to TBR?? That is the question I’m asking myself for this month of April, because I’m feeling a little bit lazy .. I’ve been reading a nice amount of books and I’m steadily working on fulfilling my Challenges and with working on making the Blog better bit by bit. And having a TBR as a guideline has helped me with this, I have tried to go without one completely (back in December) and it didn’t work at all, I hardly read anything, so I don’t want a repeat of that fiasco, especially not when I’m doing so well..

So, I want to find the middle ground.. A TBR for my A to Z Reading Challenge and a free flowing personal Challenges (kind of) with multiple options of books… with a lot of wiggling room for my moody reading self to scream in delight. Something like a TBR but not quite as strict.

I’m hoping to take down 4 more letters (maybe 5??) for The A to Z Reading Challenge (which is hosted by Ginger Mom and the Kindle Quest — and if you still haven’t join go there right now, what are you waiting for we are such an awesome group of people) so, that means 4 books are going on this list…

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  • O – Ore Yome. Ore No Yome Ni Nare Yo  by Sano, Airi – My Manga Read for this month, It’s and arranged marriage and the guy is younger than the protagonist — which got me curious since she is like 16 or 17.. We’ll see how it turns out
  • P – Priceless by Linda Kage – This is the 8th book in her Forbidden Men companion series which I ‘m just a book away from finishing… and I love all of them…
  • A – Ace of Shades By Amanda Foody – I love the premise of this book.. I’m so intrigued Hope it delivers!!
  • J – Judging Books By Shay Savage – It’s been a while since I’ve read a Book by her and I’m overdue so this is perfect.
  • R – The Real by Kate Stewart – I can’t resist a new Kate Stewart Book…

Okay Now let’s move on to my personal Challenges/Reading goals of sorts:

Read a Backlist Book

I’ve been neglecting reading books that I’ve had for a while (from 2 years ago or more) I noticed this while I was trying to organise them on my tablet. So, I want to pick some of these books to read for the month of April. This are just two among many.. I might change my mind and pick something else but it will be something old in my shelves…

  • 738 Days By Stacey Kade
  • Firelight by Kristen Callihan

The Re-read of the month

I like to reread my favorite books just like i love re-watching a favorite movie.. and I haven’t been doing that lately — I know there are so many new books to read why waste time on something you’ve read already?? But it’s not wasting time for me and I want to make time for a little re read here and there… the top contenders here are:

  • Eidolon by Grace Draven
  • Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas

Tackling the Series

Since I’m being haunted by how many series I’ve started and haven’t continued, I’m picking one sequel to try and get on them… I’ll do my best.

  • Friend Zoned by Kristen Callihan (Game On Series)
  • Lover Mine By J. R. Ward (Black Dagger Brotherhood)

Out of the Oven

Of course I’m still reading those hot new releases that have itching to get my hands on them.. I have to be a little naughty, right??

  • Love and Other Words – Christina Lauren
  • The Boy and his Ribbon – Pepper Winters
  • Chaser – Kylie Scott

On a Whim

Here I’m fulfilling a craving of mine whether it’s an author I’m dying to read, a trope I want to have more of, or a genre that has been calling me lately — which is the case at the moment — Historical.

  • Rushed to the Altar by Jane Feather
  • The Following Sea By Marsha Canham

This is more or less the reading plan I have for April.. Hopefully I’ll manage to read all or being realistic most of these books.. Let me know what are your reading plans this month?? What are you looking forward to reading??

As Always

Happy Reading





2 thoughts on “April – TBR or No TBR

  1. I’m such a mood reader I don’t even bother with monthly TBRs, because then I just feel bad about reading other things not on it so I read nothing. Sad face, wah wah. 😦 I do have a document with my A to Z Challenge and some ideas for the letters I haven’t completed yet, so if I’m stumped or feel like I should make progress with that I will go check that out and read one of those (like the letter X… Yikes.)

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