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July ” I’m in a Slump” Wrap Up

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Hey guys! How was your reading this month? Mine was not good at all… (at least not in the reading department) First I have been crazy busy with work and since I’m a translator my work consists pretty much of reading so, when I actually stop .. I just don’t want to read anymore — I just want to chill out watching TV (mostly K-dramas if I’m being honest.. I’m a little obsessed.. If you guys would like me to do a recommendation post on the ones I have watch — and completely loved — let me know in the comments below — I have a few to share) This situation with work has contribute to sending me the hugest reading slump ever… I only read 5 Books this month…

I know that for many of you out there 5 books is a lot or just an OK amount of books but for me it’s like next to nothing… I’m use to reading a lot more so I’m sorry for complaining but it’s awful for me… plus, It felt like I was reading under duress.. I wasn’t really eager to read or quite enjoying what I was reading — reading slump alert — Anyway, let me get to the books read..

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  • A Wish for Us – Tillie Cole – 3 stars

This book was a bit of a letdown for me… in more ways than one… first it took me forever to read and second I was expecting so much more from the story than what actually delivered… if you want to know more check my review — the only one I managed to write this month, I’ve been falling behind so badly with my reviews… (hangs head in shame)

  • Ghostgirl – J.B. Salsbury – 3.5 Stars

This book actually surprised me, it did intrigued me and fooled me at times with the storyline… but in the end it was a little bit of the same tropes that are common in new adult … but regardless it was one of the better books I read this month.

  • The Fragile Ordinary – Samantha Young – 3.5 Stars

Not my favorite work from Samantha Young but I did appreciate how everyone was ordinary in this book (no pun intended) their actions, decisions, mistakes, doubts, It all was something that can easily happen… noone was perfect here at all…

  • One Small Thing – Erin Watt – 3 Stars

This book gets 3 stars just because of Chase (the male protagonist) He just made the book for me…

  • Folsom – Tarryn Fisher – 3 Stars

The premise of this book intrigued me.. and to be honest there were parts that I devoured… but then there were other that I just couldn’t take anymore… It was hard for me to rate this book because I’m not sure if I’m being fair… because I think I wasn’t quite in the mood for this kind of book… I can say that it is an unusual take on dystopian but it is not for young readers…

I pretty much stuck to my planned TBR for July and didn’t went astray too much but I didn’t read all that I was hoping for… I’m still in the middle of That Guy by Kim Jones but I don’t think I’ll finish with it by the time this post is up and about…



I failed miserably on both of my challenges… It’s been two months since I added anything to my A to Z Reading Challenge… So, nothing new to report here… As for my Comment Challenge.. I’m so ashamed, I ‘ve been so busy that I think I only managed to comment back like 2 times of the 5 I was aiming for… I suck, I know but life it’s like that and it tends to mess up your plans…

Bloggers Shout-outs

I did managed to find a few interesting and fun posts this past month that I want to share with you.. Let’s give everyone some love…

Cover Changes are either a hit or a miss but in this case Sophie talks about the different covers from different countries which I thought was unique in the world of cover love/hate

This is a two for one deal with Sha and Mandy, they have such witty posts and I always laugh out loud while reading them… in this case I couldn’t agree more with them about how much lying Disney has done to us … and check out how realistic would you like your books to be, you’ll have a lot fun reading i’m sure.

Lashaan & Trang share with us the wonders of the blogging community but also a little of the struggles that come with these budding online friendships… totally worth checking out..

How to’s are always useful and this particular one it’s for those who are testing the waters when it comes to getting ARCs… Any help it’s always appreciated.

This was July in a nutshell for me.. not bad but not that great either, hopefully August will be better since I have some downtime… How was your reading this month?? Let me know all about it in the comments below..

As Always

Happy Reading


12 thoughts on “July ” I’m in a Slump” Wrap Up

  1. This was a great post to read, but my book heart is totally hurting for you! I know you’re usually reading tons of books, so I can get how frustrating 5 books are. I super have my fingers crossed for you that August will bring all the book mojo back, Michelle! And thank you, thank you, thank you for including that lovely comment about me and Sha and our posts! ❤ That was so sweet. As I said, hopefully August will be better! Wonderful post! 🙂

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  2. I hope your work schedule slows down enough so you can get back to your double digit reading goal. I don’t have any TV recommendations as I use my evening time to read. I am a slow reader, and cherish my reading time.

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