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Hey guys, I have and adaptation for you today… this tag was created for BookTube but I thought that with a little tweaks here and there would work great for us bloggers.. So, here’s the link to the original creator Daniela In Prague in case you want to check it out… as for my take on it… here we go..


1) Where are you from and what is your native language or languages?

I’m from Caracas, Venezuela and my native Language is Spanish… although I speak English and French… and I would love to learn Japanese but it’s so intimidating…

2) In what languages do you read books?

Most of the books I read are in English… they are easier to get for the type of books I like to read… But I do read in Spanish and French but not as much..

3) Are there Book Blogs, Booktubers, Bookstagrammers in your native language and if so, what is the community like?

There were a few Booktubers but since we are truly screwed up in my country the talk has turned into either political rants or lengthy videos about what’s going on over here …  As for Blogs I haven’t actually looked for those to be honest… I use my blog as an scape so I would rather just enjoy talking about book related things than my everyday struggles (most of the times because I enjoy ranting as much as the any other)… I couldn’t tell you how the community was like because I wasn’t truly a part of it…

4) If there is a Blogging Community in your native language, why did you decide to join the international one?

I just wanted to connect with people from everywhere… I love learning about different cultures and ways of life and finding common ground.. what better way than through books??

5) Are there any struggles or challenges for you as a non-native English speaker?

Actually getting the books?? It can get expensive if you are an addict like me… LOL. Kidding, The main issue I can think of is trying to work with Publishers and be rep for anything… since most companies are US or UK-based it’s hard to really connect and Netgalley and others like it are now full of restrictions for non-US citizens… 

6) How do you get hold of English books?

Amazon… mostly… Sometimes if I’m lucky I find some used books for sale here and there…

7) What is the best thing about being part of the international community?

How helpful and welcoming most people are… It’s great to share your experiences and likes and dislikes with everyone…

8) Do you follow or watch other international Booktube channels or Blogs?

I follow a lot of Booktubers and Blogs… big and small… as long as they have content that appeals to me or I love their “voice” I would follow them…

Hope you guys like this take on the international Blogger tag… and don’t forget to tag me if you decide to do it… I would love to hear your experiences as an International Blogger too.

As Always

Happy Reading


10 thoughts on “International Blogger Tag

  1. I missed doing bookish tags! I might do this soon!

    I am trying to self-study Spanish and Japanese, and it’s hard if you are also busy with school and organizations.

    As for getting ARCs, it is a little easy if the format is in digital, but if you are looking for the paperback, it is hard to get one.

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