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The Pressure of Book Blogging — Or just plain Blogging in general

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When we finally decide to take the plunge and start our own Blog, there are so many new things we don’t know and need to learn — which is a good thing, learning is always good — and the experience brings us so much pleasure and joy — because seriously if it doesn’t, Why do it at all?? — Some might even get a little extra benefits — money or products — And we all get to be a part of an awesome community (I’m talking about the bookish community in particular which is the one I’m familiar with) and make new friends from all over the world…

Everything I just mentioned among other things (like giving free reign to your creativity, the opportunity of creating your brand, letting people know about what you do) are some of the reasons that make blogging (in my opinion) a great experience to have.

However, like with most things in life, everything isn’t perfect..there’s a downside to it all and today I wanted to discuss with you guys a little bit of that — I’m focusing on Book Blogging because it’s what I know — and do — So, here’s what I think can make us feel pressured as Book Bloggers, and I’m not referring to Stats or anything like that because it goes without saying they are a main issue that can drive us bonkers if we let them…

  • Which Books To Read


I’m sure many of us started focusing our Blogs on a particular genre, YA, Fantasy, Thrillers, Classics — In my Case Romance — or a little mixture of all of them, but then after a while comes the nagging thought that maybe we should be reading this or that book because everyone else is and knowing what everyone is talking about will surely bring more traffic to your blog — putting aside the minor nuisance that if you weren’t blogging you wouldn’t be caught dead reading that..

  • Feels like a Reading Competition

tumblr_lpdq30yDht1qcb58yo1_500We are all different individuals (Duh!) so we have many different reading habits, from where we like to read, the media we use (physical books, kindle, audiobooks) and how many books we read… Not all of us can read 30 books a month — particularly if we have jobs and families to take care of — And even if we internally know that, I’m sure many of you guys have felt a little bit inadequate after comparing your monthly wrap up with your fellow bloggers.. (I know I have and I am a fast reader)

  • Help me I’m Poor…


I’ve felt this after watching a few too many Book Hauls… How do they do that?? I can’t for the life of me buy that many books — and I am a budget managing star when it comes to book buying — So, does this mean that I’m a bad Blogger because I can’t just keep up??

  • The Social Media Freenzy

giphyThis happens with any type of blog, there’s this drive to be a part of every platform know to men.. Instagram, You Tube, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Goodreads,….. I can keep going… but we hardly think about what it would actually take to maintain good content in all of them… It’s crazy, and I’m not just saying this because I suck at my own social media–It’s still a work in progress — but it’s inhumanly possible to live a life and manage so many accounts at once… If you can do that, let me know how?? Please!!

  • The Reviewing Commitment

4a6c3980-0319-0134-e743-0a315da82319Whether you are one of the lucky ones approved for any ARC that tickles your fancy — No, It’s not my envious heart talking… I’m truly happy for you — Or you get contacted by aspiring authors looking to promote their books, and don’t get me wrong, it is great to feel like your blogging effort is validated but along with that come the the whole arsenal of doubts of when I should be reviewing those books, right away?? or should I take my time??… or if they come with a deadline of sorts the pressure of having to read them ASAP…

Foto 10-11-17 4 12 47 p.m.

These are a few key things that can make you feel pressure, or stress out while blogging but my advice — at least that’s what I try to do is just pay no attention to any of that and just try to be yourself.. Read what YOU like, at the pacing YOU feel comfortable with… Manage the social media you feel better at handling and forget about how many books this or that guy bought last month… Just go at your own pace, It might be slow but I’m sure that your blog will grow nonetheless. We do this because we love reading books and when that becomes a chore, or just another source of stress then we are doing something wrong.

Do you feel pressure when you blog?? What Stresses you Out?? Let me know in the comments below and let’s discuss all about it..

As Always

Happy Reading



27 thoughts on “The Pressure of Book Blogging — Or just plain Blogging in general

      1. Honestly I have no clue. When I started blogging I had no expectations. I never expected to have so many people following me and while I am so happy that 500+ people like my content enough to follow me that was never my goal going into this. I wanted a way to talk about what I love. While I am able to buy some of the newer books I definitely can get as much as others do and while I get down about that I just remind myself that I can always get them later down the road when I can I don’t have to have them right now no matter how much I want them.

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      2. I’m the same way, actually.

        For me, I went into blogging consciously knowing that with a full time job and two kids, I couldn’t put another pressure on myself, so the moment blogging became more of a chore than a fun passion, I’d give it up.

        I think setting realistic expectations for yourself and making sure you’re enjoying it really helps keep the pressures away.

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  1. Well Michelle I think you’ve said it all really. For me the most difficult is social media pressure as I can’t keep up if I read and wrote several posts that day. I can’t do everything at the same time …

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    1. Oh My God! Don’t get me started on that one… I’m the worst at it, sometimes I even forget what I posted where or when… It’s awful but good at the same time… aren’t we all a bit masochistic??


  2. Great post! I don’t stress too much about blogging, but keeping up with comments is probably my biggest source of blogging stress. It upsets me when someone comments on my blog and I don’t have time to comment back on theirs. I’m very grateful for every comment I get, but some of my posts get 60+ comments, and I can’t keep up with commenting back. I’m also really bad at interacting on social media, so that makes me feel guilty, too.

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  3. Awesome post Michelle! I can totally relate especially with all the media stuff. And let me tell you…I suck at bookstagraming! 😔 I love IG because it’s easy to just double click but I cannot create cool looking book pics to save my life, LOL! When I feel myself getting stressed, I force myself to take a step back because this is supposed to be fun for me. You made lot of good points, thanks!💕

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  4. I try not to let these things get to me these days, as I have too many other stressors in my life – I just want blogging to be a fun hobby I do in my spare time (which I don’t have much of). I can definitely relate to your list, though, and have let these and other things stress me out in the past.

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  5. Hi Chelle! It does look like you are a fairly new blogger and I totally understand your feelings! I went through the same feelings when I first started but I’ve learned over time not to stress myself out. While I understand getting lost in the hype, ultimately reading is a personal experience. I’m also a mood reader like you and there are times that I don’t read the most hyped book ever. And this is OKAY. You be you.

    I personally tend to avoid Booktube because of all the hauls. While I don’t know what those booktubers’ financial situations are, I have my real life priorities so I KNOW I can’t purchase all those books. I live in the US and I’m pretty lucky that we have regular library used books sales where hardcovers are $1 and paperbacks are 75 cents or 50 cents. Mind you, some of these books look brand new. THAT’s how I mostly get my books. I have mostly moved to digital too and borrowing from the library has saved me a ton of money.

    Ultimately, you do what you love to do. I avoid the hype as much as I can and I blog at my own leisure. It’s a hobby anyway, so it should be fun! If you need someone to talk to, send me a wave and I’ll respond 🙂

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    1. Thanks.. it’s always nice having bookish/blogging friends to chat about the what nots of our hobbies… and you are right, I do try to steer clear of the stress of stats and all that but there moments when they creep up on me…


  6. I feel like I’m past the point where I feel like it’s a reading competition 😀 I did feel like that before. The maximum number of books I managed to do in a month is 19, and one time is enough 🙂 now I can move on and just read at my own pace. Actually, this year I lowered my yearly goal and that has helped me chill out loads. I am even reading more than I was just because there’s no added stress about the numbers 🙂

    Also, my book hauls tend to be huge, but I am also international, which means I almost don’t buy books 😀 anything I haul is 90% ARCs! You might find that that’s the secret of many bloggers out there too. Although some of them do buy a lot, but I think that’s the minority.

    You are so right about most of these though! Sharing your post next Sunday.

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    1. I usually read like 10 to 12 books a month (on a good month where I have a little downtime – The upside of working from home — But once I tried to read as much as I could — can’t remember why and got around 21… I felt exhausted afterwards and I’m not sure I enjoyed what I was reading .. That’s why I now try to read just what I want and at the pace I want… Thanks for sharing


  7. Amazing post! I can totally relate to your points. I’ve just learnt to be easy on myself. I also do a lot of borrowing from my local library, it allows me to review newer books without going broke. Some weeks I’ve got more new books, other times I don’t.

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