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Stay With Me Trilogy by Nicole Fiorina – Book Review


Lately I have been working more on reviewing arcs and requested books, so I haven’t been reviewing many of the more mainstream books I’ve read… To be honest It’s been a while since a book has wowed me enough to want to jump onto the computer and either gush or rant about it… that was until now..

Stay with Me Trilogy by Nicole Fiorina


  • Stay With Me
  • Even When you’re Gone
  • Now Open Your Eyes

Overall Rating


Romance books that deal with mental illnesses are a bit of a tricky subject. Most times that romantic relationship can come across as unhealthy.. It can become a crutch… Or Even worse The Unrealistic cure of It all… which it’s damaging in itself and certainly makes for a bad story..

This trilogy takes place in a sort of mental institution/ reform School .. I was scared It could suffer from both of those problems… And, I’m not going to lie, in a way It did.. But still managed to be an enjoyable read… which surprised the heck out of me.
I have to give credit to The Author For setting The atmosphere perfectly, you Feel sucked in The routine of The school.. The counseling, The Group and Individual therapy sessions… The different mental issues all our characters deal with… From social anxiety, to sociopathy, depression, addiction,.. I truly enjoyed that.. Learning About each one and seeing them interact with one another… That was one of my favorite parts of the story.

The writing style also help a lot with making this complicated subject manageable enough, and even fun while being heartbreaking at times.. Kudos for that.

There’s intalove… Or more like instant chemistry, But in a scenario like this one It works… You Feel The connection between our main couple instantly just as much as they do.. And It’s healing, and positive.. At first.. but as the Books progress It starts to become a little obssessive, and yet you will cheer them on.. You want them together because they make each other better Even If you know It’s unhealthy in The long run…


I Loved Oliver’s character in The begining, I’m still unsure what It was that he was suffering from… He had a bit of PTSD and he was over empathetic… All he wanted to do was heal those he cared About, Even At The cost of himself… However, It rubbed me The wrong way How At a point in The story he turned into a gigantic asshole and It was all “The medications fault”.. Granted, some meds do affect you But not to that extent… It was hard to swallow as an excuse for what he does..

As For Mia (Our main girl), It was great to see her overcome her issues and find some normalcy and balance in her own way…

Another issue I had with these books was that there was so much going on.. Their issues, The relationships, there are mysterious attacks, rape, family drama, Love Triangle (kind of)… There’s Too much going on, Even For three books… I felt a bit Lost from time to time… And yet I was also intrigued to see where It would go next… So, I have to say that it works.

If you enjoy your reads a bit on The dark side with lots of twists and turns I would Recommend these books… They were really fun to read, problems and all..

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As Always

Happy reading


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