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Arcs and Requested Reviews – Pulse by Judy G. Walters

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Hey fellow Bookworms, Today I have for you a review that had me a bit conflicted.. Because I can logically say that it is a good book, and I know many people will love the premise and the story .. but I’m not one of them.. So how do I rate that? Well, keep reading and find out..

Pulse by Judy G. Walters


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Sometimes reviewing books is as easy as breathing, because you go with your gut and dump the feelings that a particular book elicit from you… What we call gushing.. But others is a bit more complicated than that. This is one of those times.

Pulse is a medical drama, that has a great plot.. it allows us not only a first hand experience of what goes on in the ER of a hospital — Fans of Medical TV shows will get a kick out of this — but also reminds us that Doctors are not Gods but mere human beings despite the enormous responsibility handling lives that they have.. And as Humans their messed up lives affect their work and performances, just like our main character in this story.

I have dealt quite a lot with both spectrums of the Good and Bad doctors and perhaps this storyline touch me a bit more deeply.. dampening my enjoyment of the story..

I did loved the Chess references, I love chess and it was a very good addition to the flow of the book.

It’s an interesting read I won’t be so biased on my opinion to put it down if it doesn’t deserve it. It is very well written and the pacing is great you will read it in a couple of sittings… it feels like you are watching an episode of ER.. So even if this book wasn’t a huge hit for me in particular I can see how it can be for many other readers out there..


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As Always

Happy Reading


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