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Tropeathon Wrap Up – Cutting it Close


Hello fellow Bookworms, Tropeathon ended a few days ago and to say it was a bumpy ride would be an understatement.. Life got in the way (not going to get into details because I want to keep myself as Zen as possible)


Luckily, reading always helps, and even though I didn’t read all I had planned (no surprise there), I did complete one of the paths in the maze and I also read a couple more books — So I’m happy overall..


The path I completed was the Purple one:

  • The Savage and the Swan by Ella fields – 2.5 stars (Hate to Love) – This one is going to have a separate review because it was also the Lost in Romance Book Club read for February and I have thoughts guys…
  • Promised in Fire by Jasmine Walt – 4 stars (On the Run) – I’m not reading as much YA fantasy as I used to but this book was just amazing, the pacing, the worldbuilding, the characters (grumpy dragon and strong willed little elf).. I just loved it and read it in almost a day.. I want the next book..
  • That Irresistible Poison by Alessandra Hazard – 3 stars (Arranged Marriage) – This book is one of those stories that are entertaining even when you want to hit one of the characters on the head.. because of his stupid decisions. I enjoyed the world, the mind manipulating powers and the steaminess it had, but at times it irritated me as well.
  • Headcase by Onley James – 4 stars (pick your trope) – I love this series, it’s so out there that it leaves me with no words to explain it. Psychopaths falling “in love”.. that just tells you everything.. The characters are great, funny, smart, sweet (unbelievable.. I know) it’s just a fun as heck book.

The other 2 books I completed were:

  • The Next Competitor by Keira Andrews – 2 Stars (sports) – I was in the mood for some ice-skating romance but this was a huge let down.. The sport was there, the pressure, the training, the hard work, and I liked that, but the characters were awful.. I just didn’t like them, and to think of them as a couple wasn’t working either… Plus there was no growth, not a real one in my opinion…
  • The villainess Reverses the Hourglass (Manhua) – 4 stars (Start Over) – You know how much I enjoy reading Manga/Manhua and this story was great. The main character blew me away. I was literally confused about how evil and manipulative she became to survive.. I loved it. I was even questioning myself if she was truly our protagonist … It’s a little slow paced but so good.


Overall, it was a decent Tropeathon wrap up.. even with the couple of disappointing reads I stumbled upon.. it happens.. How about you? Did you join us? What were your books of choice? Let me know in the comments below.

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As Always

Happy Reading


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