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Arcs and Requested Reviews – Her Favorite Brother by Magdalin Laine


Hey Fellow Bookworms! I’m starting this new year with a brand new review to share with you guys. I’m always happy to receive books for review because they tend to be so different from what I would usually pick up for myself and it helps a lot as a palate cleanser as well as a treasure trove of  great new authors.

However, there are those times when I come across the perfect fit for my reading tastes, those kinds of books that i would have chosen myself — This is a perfect example of that; lots of steam, angst, morally grey characters, questionable choices and all the fun feels. Let’s get to it:

Her Favorite Brother by Magdalin Laine



It took me a while to post this review because I was catching up with the series instead of diving into the third book without any context – which I’m known to do from time to time… anyway, I’m grateful for the author who kindly provided me with all the books — Yay!

I like messy angst in my books (sometimes) and let me just say that this is messy with steroids… steer clear if cheating is a red flag for you because we have that here… Justified for some, and not for others..

I really enjoyed the chemistry between the characters and their personalities as well… stereotypical though they might be – we have the hot as F.. Brother-in-law and the Golden retriever stepbrother to lighten things up.. and as you might guess, with those ingredients, steamy shenanigans unfold (and boy are they steamy)

But my favorite thing was Mia. She’s one messed up morally grey character that you love to hate… or maybe hate is a strong word, more like silently judge and loathe. I liked her progress a lot as a character, even through the bouts of screaming I did throughout the series, but craziness aside, it was an entertaining read. Great to take your mind off real life problems for a while and that’s all I can ask for.

Would I recommend to read the whole series in order? Yes I would, not that you need it to understand what’s happening but it will give you a better insight into our main character.


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As Always

Happy Reading


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