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Reacting to 1 star reviews from books I love — The Horror!!


Can any of you guys tell me why I enjoy putting myself through this kind of thing? Anyway, Welcome back to my blog and get comfortable because we are going to be stung… (if you love these books as much as I do).

Disclaimer: (because we need this now) I do this for fun and not to hurt or create controversy… I respect your opinion even if I don’t share them…

The books I chose to defend this time around are Radiance by Grace Draven, A Heart of Blood and Ashes by Milla Vane and Eighty Six (light novel) by Asato Asato… gear uop with me and let’s battle…


Radiance by Grace Draven


Dena  1 star

I really wanted to like this book, especially because of the positive reviews it was receiving! *sigh*
Unlike the vast majority of readers who raved about this book, I found this book to be very dull and predictable. I initially read this book because many individuals recommended this book to be a “slow burn” book. However, I find this to be quite the opposite.

The beginning of this book had a promising start, however, led to a predictable romance. Yes, I’m aware that all romance novels are predictable, but the story line and characters were not enticing nor dynamic. I had a hard time connecting with either character because they seem too perfect and unrealistic. Both characters adapted well to their newly arranged marriage. Ildiko, who moves to a different kingdom after her marriage to a complete stranger, is indifferent to her new surroundings and culture. You would think after being forced to marry a “scary and unattractive” man, and then dragged to a foreign place that you would be a little worried or emotionally damaged? Yet, she enjoys her new surroundings and the company of her new husband, Brishen whom she only knew a a day ago.

And the main reason why I gave this 1 star: their instant attraction.
Their “love” was already set up by the start. After meeting for 10 minutes, they embraced each other as good friends even when they stated originally how horrified and scary their appearance was. Although they remained friends in the first half of the book, Brishen sure made it seem that his relationship with Ildiko was not platonic. Every single page was filled with him kissing her hand/forehead, touching her hair, and cupping her face. Don’t get me started with how many times they joyfully state “my husband” or “my wife” after every sentence. Their instant connection is unbelievable from the start, and I learned nothing new about the characters. There is no struggle, no endeavor, and no drama. The characters do not learn from each other nor change. The author talks about two magical kingdoms and yet, only writes about traveling, dinner parties, and them together in bed. *yawn*

I really hate being negative on my first review, but after reading this novel, I was a bit disappointed.
This book is definitely NOT a slow-burn like many stated, so if you enjoy those types of books, this book may not be for you. Overall, this book had so much potential, but I felt in the end, the characters and plot line were lacking.


First of all YIKES!.. Okay I do see your point in regards to this book not being so slow burn but it isn’t insta love either but a happy medium in opinion… and I do believe they learn from one another eventually.. It has more character interaction than action that will come in later books.. sadly you won’t read them I’m sure.. And as for her reaction when it comes to leaving her home to a strange one and her not freaking out every second? that in itself can be a form of protecting herself..

A Heart of Blood and Ashes by Milla Vane


Marinette 1 star

I love enemies-to-lovers books. I WANTED to like this book.

I am giving this one star.

Because it must have been difficult to write this book.

So very confusing.

And don’t get me started on the dinosaurs. It was too much, too many characters, too many things and plots in plots and magic, bad people, annoying characters and weird language. It GETS WORSE as you read it. The spicy scenes were very cringe.

It was so CONFUSING it became BORING. I don’t know if it makes sense (the book doesn’t make sense).

Save yourself some time and don’t read this book

Dinosaurs??? did we read the same thing… If my memory is failing me I apologize but Dinosaurs??  As for weird language… it’s a fantasy romance .. it’s bound to have made up expressions. As for cringey sex scenes? Again did we read the same thing?? they are barbarians of sorts it would come with the territory….
Eighty Six by Asato Asato
It’s not a story about war but about individuals focused on dicrimination and supernatural. Citizens have no experience in actual combat, the government involves itself in heavy propaganda. The real soldiers with experience are outcasts and not considered as citizens, the “pigs”. No fighter planes, no plans of an offensive. Most if not all that is done in the game of war is a defensive game at the cost of land and expendable soldiers. What little land the protagonist’s state holds dominion is slowing being abandoned. This neglect should have impact on the economy and trade but no mention of it so far. The “citizens” live a life in their utopia. Ignorance is bliss. Meanwhile, the protagonist can sense enemy movement but respond only in defense as the command has zero intention of expanding foothold.

I was looking for military brilliance and textbook tactics but couldn’t find it. All there is are radio chatters that in reality can cause confusion in command because radio communications are treated like telephone conversation between friends.

Overall, I rate it 1 because I could not find what I was looking for with volume 1: Breach in Gran Mule’s defenses or a brilliant offensive to retake lost lands.

I get how dissapointing it can be to not get what you hoped in a book but should you rate it so low if it failed to give you specifically what you wanted without considering if in all other aspects was good? I could detract a star or two but just give it one star because it had no military “brilliance” as you call it.. when it had a whole other psychological and sociological aspect … I don’t know…
Hope you guys had a little fun with me going through the ringer with books I adore …. why do people hate them?? they are so good… The Horror!!! 

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As Always

Happy reading


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